Youth for for Youths is an association of young people bringing change and impact to the the Burundian Community through supporting and growing talent.

Youth for the Youths develop the future leaders of Burundi, who in turn will be able to train, mentor and develop peers for the benefit of their community. As young people, Youth for the Youths aim to break social norms and social barriers through access to information and services which are impactful and life-saving. The effect of Youth for the Youths activities on the lives of their beneficiaries and communities are tangible.

In Burundi, opportunities for young people are limited. Young people wait for doors to open. Youth for the Youths see challenging this social norm as the biggest opportunity for young people. By using the Thrive platform to connect young people, Youth for the Youths will mentor young people to become self starters and entrepreneurs of their own businesses, making their own opportunities.

Using the Thrive platform, Youth for the Youths is able to:

Connect young people in different communities to foster professional relationships and network.

Promote autonomy and self starters in an opportunity led environment.

Encourage storytelling and positive mindsets.

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