Connect Mentors™ is a social recruitment platform powered by mentors from progressive companies attracting and acquiring their future workforce.

Connect Mentors™ empowers companies, from start-ups to corporates, to utilise their people to be the face of the business attracting and acquiring talent in a socially responsible way. Connect Mentors™ provides a secure environment in which to gain insight and build a network that offers access to companies and opportunities.

The platform facilitates the placement of new talent into participating companies through Thrive’s intelligent matching algorithm, which matches Mentees with Mentors to build a network of long-lasting professional connections. This relationship-oriented approach not only provides a direct way for Mentees to engage with potential employers, but also enhances the retention rate of employees discovered through the platform.

Using the Thrive platform, Connect Mentors is able to:

Drive social mobility, by bringing together progressive companies and mentees supporting the less represented parts of society.

Unlock new talent pools from under represented groups

Deliver smart and non-box ticking CSR initiatives

Find out how Thrive can support your organisation

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Thrive is a product of Aerate Inc. Aerate is a social enterprise.